About us

Welcome to 4front

 - your Salesforce Partner in Malmö.

We at 4front are a team of Salesforce-Certified Developers, Consultants, and Project Managers with a head office in Malmö, Sweden. We have extensive experience with delivering all kinds of solutions to CRM systems to satisfied customers, both internationally and in Sweden.

4front - When you need Salesforce and CRM

CRM and Salesforce are about optimizing business processes and workflows—that allow you to use your time focusing on developing your expertise and business relationships.

We at 4front provide technology and knowledge that will allow you to reach your business goals faster while your company strengthens its brand. As a Salesforce Partner with customers in Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and the United States, 4front is a CRM consultant with the ability to support both larger and smaller organizations. Our presence across different continents enables us to work tirelessly with companies across different time zones. In addition, most of our CRM developers are Salesforce Certified, and we are constantly working to keep us up to date and deliver services at the highest level. 

Please visit us at our office in central Malmö. Here, we share 900 square meters with some of Malmö's most successful companies in web, digital analyses, strategy, and marketing!


About 4front in brief

  • 4front delivers solutions for premium CRM systems—and ensures that you can maximize the use of your Salesforce environment.
  • We have great experience with building strong business processes for applications, services, and web portals.
  • 4front makes it easy to automatize your business with Salesforce—so you can save time and resources quickly.
  • 4front has agile project managers and experienced support managers.
  • We have experienced developers who are coached in Scrum Methodology and who can give your company extra support during projects of all sizes at any time you need.


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